We are moving forward with Endless Challenge & Innovation for Customer Satisfaction We are moving forward with Endless Challenge & Innovation for Customer Satisfaction

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CEO's Message

Welcome to YKMC,
I am YKMC CEO Jang Kwan Seop.

Passion for customers, bold challenges for the future!
YKMC will do its best to be the best integrated manufacturing company.

33 years of walking with customers,
YKMC has reached its 33rd years thanks to the love of our customers.

I always tried to be a servant leader, but I lacked humility and tried to reign.
I will be a leader who serves God, serves customers, and serves employees.

There was a lot of trials and errors as we ran non-stop,
but we laid the foundation to move forward as a global company.
After 33 years of growing and running as a truly small but strong global company,
we are now making a new start for 100 years of YKMC.

This growth is the result of all our customers believing in us and pushing us.
It was possible because of the tireless efforts of the 200 members of YKMC employees and the passion not to afraid of failure.
We will devote ourselves further towards our goals to be a globally competitive company.

This is the home of our family, our future, and our hope for the world.
Until the day when our descendants are here again after 100 years and thank us,
We solemnly declare, we will do our best for our jobs.
Cheers towards our bright future.

Thank you

CEO History
Graduate from Kumoh Tehcnical High School Metallurgical Engineering
Graduate from Inha University Metallurgical Engineering
Establish of Young Kwang Material Company
Inha University adjunct professor
Korea Surface Treatment Master Hand
Ppuri tech Coaching Expert
Industrial Field Professor
Ppuri Industry Presidential Citation received
Field Coaching Skilled Employee Training Expert
Awarded Surface Engineering Technology