We lead the anodizing industry.



  • Patents
  • 1. Composition for sealing treatment of aluminium anodizing (Patent #10-1270671)

    2. Coloring method by anodizing (Patent #10-1438676)

    3. Method for producing air materials by anodizing (Patent #10-1432671)

    4. Method for producing photocatalyst by anodizing (Patent #10-1570709)

    5. Method for producing magnesium materials (Patent #10-1576987)

    6. Anti-static coating method using anodizing (Patent #10-1585167)

    Project Execution

    1. Anodizing Process Clean Production System Development

    2. Mg alloy mixture surface treatment process tech development for Eco-Friendly Vehicle Part

    3. Ti anodizing tech development for fingerprint prevention

    4. Ti Anodizing tech development forThin uniform film of machining parts

    5. Semiconductor/Display industry RECVD Chamber manufacturing tech development(ATC biz)

  • Researchers
  • In YKMC Inc. R&D Center, three researchers with master's degree in engineering and two bachelor's degree researchers are working as core researchers. They obtained Korea Engineer Awards in 2014 and Korea Federation of SMEs President Awards in 2013.