We lead the anodizing industry.

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CEO’s Message

  • With Passion for Customers,
    We Make Big Challenges for the Future!

    We continue to strive to become the best integrated manufacturer.

YKMC Inc. was established in 1989 as a small factory located in Bucheon, Gyonggi-do. We have been constantly innovated to best meet the customers' needs, and now became a leading company of the Korean anodizing industry. In 2009, we established the 2nd factory in AsanTechnoValley to facilitate one-stop production processes of machining, anodizing, delicate cleaning, and assembling.

Now, we leap toward the future one more time.
In 2017, we attracted the investment of the Korean Development Bank (KDB) with our best technology and strong growth potential. Now, KDB participates as the 3rd major stockholder of YKMC Inc.. We continue to advance for the bright future with a new partner to become the best integrated manufacturer in Korea.

We serve employees as we do for our customers. We try our best to improve the employees' welfare and benefits; we remodelled the cafeteria and introduced the ORACLE ERP system for incentives assessment. We endeavor to change the manufacturing companies' inflexible work environment to make our employees' work and life balanced.

We never cease to challenge for the future to serve our customers and employees. We keep our eco-friendly management policy and proudly working on the one-stop production processes. Please join us for our new leap forward we make once again.

Thank you.

K.S. Jang

  • CEO's Biography
  • 1979Graduated Geumoh Technical Highschool, Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering
    1985Graduated Inha University Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering
    1989Established Yeong Kwang Geum Sok (Yeong Kwang Metal Company)
    1997Appointed as Adjunct Professor at Inha University.
    2012Established YKMC Inc.
    2012Appointed as Korea Masterhand in Surface Treatment from Human Resources Development Service of Korea
    2016Appointed as Root Technology Coaching Specialist from Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITEK)
    2016Appointed as Korea Industry Action Professor from Human Resources Development Service of Korea